Dr. Lydia Lam

Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Fellowship

at USC

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About this Fellowship

The Dr. Lydia Lam Fellowship is a position given to students who have demonstrated exceptional understanding of surgical skills, anatomy and physiology, and have demonstrated a keen sense of learning. The Dr. Lydia Lam Fellow will be awarded a week-long shadowing opportunity with Dr. Lam within clinics and ORs at the Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center. Please note that this fellowship has no set date; rather, the fellowship dates can be arranged between the awarded fellow and Dr. Lam, depending on their schedules. Please further note that this fellowship does not include accommodation nor transportation costs to and from clinics or medical centers.


Completion of the Advanced Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Conference (completion of the Trauma Acute and Critical Care Surgery Internship is highly recommended)

Fellowship Duration

1 week

Main Role of Fellows

Shadowing opportunity with Dr. Lam.