Dr. Steve Singh

Fellowship in Advanced Surgical Education

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About this Fellowship

The Dr. Steve Singh Fellowship is awarded to select students who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in surgical skills and the related anatomy and physiology, as well as strong leadership and teaching skills. Students who demonstrate these skills will be hand-selected by AAMS surgeons to fulfill the role of this fellowship. Fellows will work directly alongside AAMS instructors to carry out the goals and objectives for the Advanced Cardiothoracic Curriculum. Fellows will be responsible for teaching returning students in advanced cardiothoracic procedures, and for delivering clinical lectures covering a wide range of topics, including anatomy, physiology, pathology and clinical practice. Additionally, fellows will serve as Residential Advisors (RAs), responsible for ensuring the safety of students, as well as smooth running of the program.


Completion of the Advanced Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Conference.

Fellowship Duration

2 weeks

Main Role of Fellows

Teaching Fellow (TF) and Residential Advisor (RA) for Advanced Program.