Summer 2023

Basic-Intermediate Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Internship

at UCLA School of Medicine

About this program

The Basic – Intermediate Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Internship (BI CSSSI) is a two-week highly interactive internship for High School and Pre-Med students to take the first steps towards mastering complex cardiothoracic surgery. Throughout this course, a strong emphasis will be placed on hands-on learning to master the following fundamental cardiothoracic surgical skills. Students will work in pairs with their own porcine heart models in the wet lab. Students will also receive clinical and anatomical lectures from AAMS surgeons and medical students.


Surgical Knot Tying

Instrument Handling

Cardiothoracic Dissection

Thoracic Aortic Vessel Ligation

Running Sutures

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts (Proximal and Distal)

Aortic/Mitral Valve Replacement

Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Residential Information

Students will stay on campus and room with another intern of the same gender.

Program Dates

Program 1: Jun 26, 2023 - Jul 07, 2023

Program 2: Jul 10, 2023 - Jul 21, 2023


Application Fee


Program Cost

$ 6995.0

The program fee does not include housing fees.

The program fee includes two pairs of scrubs for each student. Surgical instruments, sutures, aortic valves, porcine hearts, heart boxes, and other supplies are provided for use during the program.