Comments from the 2019 AAMS Program in Maui

A transformative experience that left me feeling confident in my desire to be a surgeon

Maui has been an extraordinary experience that I will forever be grateful for. The connections I made with the surgeons and having the opportunity to talk to them about their journey through medicine was inspiring as it gave a glimpse of what my future could be like.

Maui was such an incredible learning experience. Being able to work hands on with highly skilled surgeons was career reaffirming.

My favorite parts of the program were being able to converse freely with the surgeons and experiencing what it means to fully understand and solve a medical case in its entirety.

From the beach to the wet lab, Maui was one of the greatest ways to advance my medical knowledge. I learned a lot from surgeons and my teaching assistants that managed to instill confidence in me even through the most difficult of procedures. The program was able to find the correct balance of work and play to make sure that learning was both a pleasure and a priority.



life changing.

My time at the AAMS Cardiothoracic Program was enriched with education of the heart from the most prestigious educators and influencers of the country benefiting my time there considering my future.

I go to school in Beijing, and this is an experience I would never be able to get there. From learning one procedure per week in the basic program to doing several procedures per day in the Maui advanced program, the practical skills I learned are something I couldn't ask for elsewhere.

I will be forever grateful for my AAMS experience! I learned so much about medicine, surgery and myself. This program soldified my passion in medicine and made me even more excited to pursue my academic and career goals.

No other program offers you the opportunity to learn from so many incredible surgeons while simultaneously enjoying the beauty of Maui. I 100% recommend this program to anyone considering applying!

This program maintained a perfect balance between learning challenging yet stimulating surgeries from world class surgeons and embracing the tropical oasis outside of the hotel.

The low surgeons to students ratio really allows individualized teaching to its fullest extent. One time Dr. Lee was helping my partner and I with the atrial septal defect repair. He stayed at our table for four hours. I believe such one-on-one training with world-renowned surgeons will not be available until residency. But AAMS Maui will give you such experiences as early as high school.

Meeting surgeons from different specialties really provided me insights into medicine and let me discover my true passion. Everyone is very approachable, helpful, and suportive, and the access to lab during free time is the aspect I especially like about the program.

Thanks so much to all the surgeons and TAs for all they did, and everything that makes this program the most memorable experience.