Dr. Richard Gates

Fellowship in Basic/Intermediate Surgical Education


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About this Fellowship

The Dr. Richard Gates Fellowship is awarded to select students who have demonstrated an exceptional grasp of surgical skills, cardiothoracic anatomy and physiology, and have shown exceptional aptitude for leadership, mentoring and teaching. Selected Fellows will be given the opportunity to work alongside AAMS instructors as a Teaching Assistant (TA) to help instruct students in basic cardiothoracic surgery. To apply for a Teaching Assistant position, you must portray integrity and academic excellence. You must also be 18, or over, and in college. Fellows may also be expected to support the AAMS educational program, assisting and guiding students.


Completion of the Basic – Intermediate Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Summer Internship

Fellowship Duration

July 7 – July 20, 2024

Main Role of Fellows

Teaching Assistant (TA) and Residential Advisor (RA) for the Basic–Intermediate Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Summer Internship.